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Hello! I am Diane Carlisle, self-help & LFE Coach/trainer. Welcome to my site.  May you find relief & hope in these pages.  I have been coaching, consulting & offering self-help & energy balancing work since 1986.  I am a certified Life Coach & because I am also a certified massage therapist, I can say that I really do get in touch with my clients. I graduated from Seminar Network International school of therapeutic massage & allied modalities in 1997. 

If you are seeking massage therapy, be certain to see my therapeutic massage website where the focus is on energy balance & integration through a variety of manual therapy techniques.

Massage Works w

There are many ways to touch people - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. My work is transformational & since many physical symptoms are caused by emotional issues & related stress, I offer a variety of transformational programs & private sessions based on meridian tapping therapy ( MTT) for emotional freedom, hypnosis & developmental movement for whole brain/body integration.  Be sure to visit the links that explain various protocols.

Life is an exciting & mysterious journey, but sometimes, people experience many frustrating 'bumps' along the way. Does it feel as if your life is a string of painful dramas or accidents? It is easy to get caught up in negative stress, blame, fear & worry that it can sometimes run you right off your life path. or sometimes, it is hard to see the trees for the forest along the road. Our self-help programs & meridian tapping programs can help you get on the right path again, or even experiencing inner peace for the for the very first time!


  • Do you find yourself having difficulty making good choices or have trouble achieving goals? Sometimes we find ourselves taking a detour & get frustrated knowing which way to turn next. 

  • Are you feeling the weight of  your  worries & old emotional 'baggage'?  Is it all getting too heavy? Want to get free of the load -  physically & emotionally?

  • Have you gone in many directions trying to find peace of mind & answers but still feel lost & alone on the road to Self-worth & Higher Purpose?

On the hi-way of life there are often many challenges with:
  • achieving or even making goals or plans
  • difficulty in relationships
  • finding purpose & passion
  • speaking your mind & keeping rapport         
  • doubts around self-esteem
  • physical pain
  • aging or problems with health & vitality....the list goes on.
We often find ourselves up against road blocks to success. Maybe we read all the signs & followed the maps - but still got the directions wrong. 

Learn to navigate through life's stress & challenges with more confidence using LifeFlow Energetics (LFE) .  By reducing the ravaging effects of stress, you can have ready, relaxed & reliable energy- despite life’s challenges.


Loving your Misery - Benefits of Secondary Gain

 Honestly - many people complain about their lives & sorrows,  but continue to stay in that same old drama because it some how serves them well to be there. If you have had the same stress or issue arising over many years you may want to address the concept of secondary gain. Ask your self the following questions:

  • What are the possible benefits or upsides to holding on to this problem?
  • What are the losses or downsides to having the solution?
  • What happened the last time you successfully achieved a solution?
  • Will others know who you are without this problem?  Will YOU know who you are without this problem? How might relationships be affected?
  • In what way will not having this problem make you seem less important, too similar or too different?
  • In what way will not having this problem be unsafe … dangerous … stressful … insecure … uncertain … unfamiliar?
  • What will happen if you DO get what you want?
  • What will happen if you do not get what you want? 
  • How would this be different from now? 
  • Will having the solution change others’ expectations of you? 
  • Will it change YOUR own expectations of yourself?


Having the courage to answer these questions can direct your attention to significant secondary gain areas requiring your attention.  Secondary gain must be addressed before the rough ‘surface’ of your life path is more like a paved surface - where life flows with more ease more often.


What is MTT?
  Meridian Tapping Technique for E
motional Freedom

Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, emotional freedom is at your finger tips - literally. MTT is a simple self-help ‘acu tapping’ procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system, without the insertion or discomfort of needles. Unlike other energy healing methods, MTT incorporates an emotional element into the integrative energy healing process, addressing unresolved emotional issues as a possible & likely cause of physical disease, psychological dysfunction, & personal performance limits.  Statistics indicate that over 75% of illness stems from unresolved emotional & mental stress. Our success rate exceeds 80% immediately - while traditional therapy can typically boast around 20 % success.


MTT is usually rapid, effective & easy to use.  MTT is a clinically proven method, used in thousands of documented cases to relieve stress, trauma, anxiety, pain and numerous other distressing conditions.  Discover how to naturally “defrag” your own bio computer system to maximize your brain/body power & to integrate your personal energy.


How is MTT Useful?

  • managing & reducing stress
  • whole brain learning,
  • fear of public speaking,
  • procrastination
  • long term guilt 
  • anger management,
  • moving beyond stress
  • improve your golf game ( or any sport)
  • to stop smoking
  • sexual dysfunction
  • trauma or phobias
  • weight management,
  • women’s issues &
  • pet behavior with MTT


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